What to include in your wedding checklist

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Whether you are naturally organized or not, wedding checklists will help you keep everything in order for your wedding day. This is most likely the biggest event you’ll ever plan. Without a plan, it will be impossible to get everything done. There are many different lists you might need for your wedding day, but keep in mind, that your wedding planning process and wedding day might look a little different from these checklists. They’re here to give you an idea of what you need to do to prepare for your wedding day.

Spend some time looking over and editing these lists. Take out things that are irrelevant for you. Change the timelines if you need to and make sure your wedding checklists are customized for your wedding day.
Here are a few of the wedding checklists you may want to consider using:

First, your overall planning checklist. This is probably the most important checklist. It’s so easy to forget the little details when you’re planning. This list will help you get everything in order and do it all with perfect timing. From your Long Island wedding venue to your dress to your photographer, this list has got it all laid out for you.
You can also find this checklist in our free wedding planner spreadsheet which is available as a free download when you sign up to the newsletter.

Second, the bride and groom should have their own wedding day checklists. It is so easy to forget the important things on your wedding day. Important things like, getting to your hair appointment on time. Before your wedding day, make a checklist for yourself and your fiancé. It will include things like items you need to bring, last minute checks to make with your vendors, and places you need to be at certain times.

Third, have a wedding day timeline. This may feel like micromanaging, but it really is one of the most important wedding checklists there is. If you don’t have a timeline for everything from your hair appointment to the last dance of the reception, things are more likely to go wrong. Your timeline doesn’t have to be too detailed, but it should at least give your wedding party, your long island wedding venue, vendors and other people involved in your wedding day an idea of where they need to be and at what times.

Forth, a photography checklist. As a bride, you probably already know a bit about the photographs you want of your wedding day. It’s a really good idea to have a list of all the shots you want ready for your photographer. Things will go even more smoothly if you organise this list by the order you want photographs taken. For instance, which photos will you take before the ceremony and which will come afterwards? What are the areas you love about your long island wedding venue that you want to make sure are captured? No matter how good your photographer is, don’t just assume they will take the pictures you want.

And finally, Personalize the checklists. When you’re looking over our wedding checklists, remember that they’re generic. They’re especially useful for brides who are dealing with all the elements of a traditional wedding, but will work best for you if they are tailored to your wedding day. Make sure everyone that needs a checklist, has one that applies to their responsibilities. You’re friends and family want this to be an amazing day for you, and will be happy to help wherever they can. Give them a personalized checklist and they’ll accomplish everything on that list for you.

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