Indian Wedding Reception Timeline


3:00 PMWhile the wedding party is relaxing at the hotel,and getting ready for the refreshed for the reception, the wedding planner should head to the reception venue if it is a different location than the wedding venue, or if it’s the same location, make sure they are there to welcome the catering company if you have planned to do off site catering.  If you have on site or off site catering this is when they should start getting things set up.
4:00 PMThis is the time where the florist should begin to put the centerpieces at each table, and add any necessary decoration to the venue.
4:30 PMThe Wedding planner should start to layout various photographs throughout the venue.  Anything from engagement pictures, to pictures of each of the families, will add to the environment.  The wedding planner should make sure to set out the guestbook, and basket or box for envelope gifts to be placed in.  Be sure that wedding favors, and table numbers are able to be seen. There is nothing worse than explaining where a guest is supposed to sit, or having too many party favors left over because people didn’t see them.
5:00 PMAt this time the DJ should return to the venue to make sure their equipment is still in good shape.  The photographer should have access to the venue to take pictures of the additional set up.  This would also be a good time to start getting the wedding cake set up.
5:30 PMMusic should begin at the venue for cocktail hour.
5:45 PMThe bride and groom, and family should arrive at the venue.  If you are planning on having a receiving line, this would be a good time to begin forming the line.
6:00 PMThe wedding reception guests will begin arriving and will begin to go through the reception line. Hors d’oeuvres  and cocktails will be made available to the guests.  Once the guests have been through the line, the wedding party should line up to be announced.
6:45 PMThe DJ will either introduce him/herself or whoever is going to emcee the evening.  From there, the emcee will introduce the bridal party to the guests.  Music is played while the party enters the main reception area.
6:50 PMOnce the party is introduced, the bride and groom are introduced to the guests.
6:55 PMThe Bride and Groom’s First Dance
7:00 PMThe Father, Daughter Dance, and then the Mother, Son Dance follows.   dance
7:05 PMMany times, the wedding party will put on a fun skit set to music for the bride and groom.
7:20 PMOnce the skit is complete, dinner will be served.
8:00 PMTowards the end of dinner, champagne is passed around to the guests, and the maid of honor, and best man will then give their toasts.
8:30 PMThe cake cutting ceremony will then commence.
8:45 PMCake and Dessert will then be served to the guests.
9:00 PMAfter the cake cutting the formalities of the night have ended, and the dancing can begin.
11:45 PMThe dancing should be wrapping up at this point.
11:55 PMThe guests line up in anticipation of the bride and groom’s departure.
12:00 AMThe bride and groom depart the venue and head to the bridal suite.  From the there the guests can depart, and gifts can be packed and sent to the home of the bride’s parent’s.
12:10 PMThe vendors and others will breakdown the decor and, the wedding planner will then pass out payment to the vendors.
1:00 AMCleanup is completed, and all have left the venue.

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