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Congratulations on your engagement! We are so happy you have meet your special someone. Now comes the fun part, the wedding planning! Women have been dreaming of this special day ever since they were little girls, no matter what their background or culture. They have some sort of mental image of what their wedding will be like and now it is time to make those thoughts a reality. A good first step is to find the perfect Long Island wedding venue to cater your big day. Call us and book a tour at windows on the lake and let us make your event a reality.

First, why a Long Island catering hall you might ask? There are many reasons! Long Island is known for its beautiful waters and beaches. But what happens if your wedding is on a beach and right as your ceremony is about to take place the skies open up and it begins to pour. Uh-Oh! At our beautiful Long Island waterfront catering hall you can have the best of both worlds. You can have the waterfront ceremony that you always wanted with the comfort of knowing that our venue will have a backup plan ready to go just incase mother nature is not cooperating on your big day.

This is still the biggest day of your lives and it will be beautiful no matter what. Furthermore, having your ceremony and reception at the same location can save you time, money and headaches. Not only will you save money on limo services for you and your bridal party, you will also save yourself from the panic of making sure everyone gets from the ceremony to the reception on time without getting lost. Another main reason to consider having your wedding at  Windows on the Lake is because we are one of the best long island catering halls, it’s what we do. We are here to cater to your wedding, and only your wedding. We only cater to one wedding at a time at our L.I. waterfront wedding venue. It’s all about you and your special day. It is our job to make sure everything goes just right book your special event at

Do you think planning your wedding has to be stressful and overwhelming? At our Long Island wedding venue, we have experienced wedding coordinators who will walk you through every step of the planning process. They will work with you, side by side, and hand in hand  on everything from invitations to cuisine. At Windows on the Lake you will have your wedding visions brought to life. Our in-house entertainment will have your guests up and dancing all night on our beautifully redone dance floor. Our expert chefs are some of the best around. They will prepare delicious food for your big day, and present them in style. Special requests, whether they be dietary, cultural, or a religious custom are not a problem here a Windows on the Lake. Our chefs specialize in international cuisine and it is our highest priority to accommodate special religious customs and menus such as Glatt Kosher, with full strict supervision and Halal foods. We will do what it takes to accommodate your needs for this very important day in your life windows on the lake is here to cater your every need. For more information log on to

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On a Budget? Here Are 5 DIY Wedding Favors We Love

  1. DIY Stenciled Soaps – Something Turquoise

    Stenciled Soaps by Something Turquoise

    If you’re using graphics or artwork on your invitations, these soaps are a great way to give your guests a matching reminder to take home. As an added bonus for the eco-friendly brides among us, you can opt for environmentally friendly materials instead of the ones suggested here with great long island wedding photographer.

    Details & Instructions

  2. Personalized Chocolates – Intimate Weddings

    Personalized Chocolates – Intimate Weddings

    Share something sweet with your guests with these personalized chocolates. Use the printable template and step-by-step instructions to walk you through creating a one-of-a-kind favor that everyone will love. All you need for this is chocolate, a printer, and non-toxic glue.

    Details & Instructions

  3. Mason Jar Candles – Evermine

    Mason Jar Candles – Evermine

    The personalization possibilities are endless with this one. Choose your own candle scents and colors. For the ultra frugal, recycle old, unscented remnants by melting them into a new candle. For further personalization, try combing thrift stores for decorative teacups or scour the beach for seashells instead of mason jars to hold the wax. Finish them off by wrapping them in cellophane and adding a personal tag.

    Details & Instructions


  4. Keepsake Sand Bottles – Living Well, Spending Less

    Keepsake Sand Bottles – Living Well, Spending Less

    Planning a beach wedding? Why not give your guests a piece of the beach to take home? Dress the neck of the bottles with sisal rope, seashells, and a tag for an extra touch of beach.

    Details & Instructions


  5. Pocket Tissue Covers – The Inspired Wren

    Tissue Cover Favors – The Inspired Wren

    Here’s a great one for the sewing savvy. We all know weddings get a little emotional at times, so these adorable, fabric pocket tissue covers keep your guests prepared. Choose fabrics that match your wedding colors — or better, use the same material for

    Details & Instructions

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Creating the Perfect Guestlist for Your Wedding on Long Island

Creating the Perfect Guestlist for your Wedding on Long Island

One of the most important parts of any wedding is who’s there. You’re celebrating one of the most special and memorable days of your life, and having that perfect mix of friends and family around you is vital to your wedding. But it can also be one of the most difficult aspects to figure out: get even one table wrong, and people will either think you’ve slighted them, or want to send them a certain message by seating them with specific people. We’ve come to the rescue, though, and have put together a how-to guide for you on creating the perfect guestlist for your Long Island wedding.

Step 1: Figure out Your Long Budget

How much money you have or are willing to spend will dictate just about everything when it comes to your guestlist, so sit down with your partner and come to a figure you’re both comfortable spending. It’s also important to remember that whether you’re spending $10,000 or $100,000, a guestlist is more a matter of strategic planning than being able to spend your way out of a scenario.

Another factor when it comes to your budget is the kind of reception you’ll be having. Long Island wedding vendors tend to charge more for weekend and holiday weddings, as well as evening receptions (as opposed to afternoon ones). This can be a good area to compromise in when figuring out your guestlist. Say you’ve settled on a number of 50 guests: having a smaller set gives you more flexibility to spend larger in other areas, such as hosting your reception on a Saturday evening in New York and serving nicer food.

Step 2: Agree on the Guests

When it comes to who’s actually going to be invited to your wedding reception, there’s a bit of compromising you’ll have to do with your partner, for they’ll need to get their fair share of invited guests, too. Seats should be divided equally — unless you’ve come to the agreement that one of you is okay with inviting a greater or fewer number of guests — so that things are as fair as possible.

For example, if you’ve both come to the agreement that you’ll be invited 200 guests, you get to choose 75, your partner gets to choose 75, and the remaining 50 should be split between your families (25 per family). Sometimes, the guestlist may overlap with mutual friends or acquaintances, but this is the easiest way to ensure everyone gets their own pick.

Step 3: Narrowing Down the Invited Guests

Once you’ve agreed on the number of guests, it’s time to starting selecting who you actually want to be there. Your list should be divided into three sections:

  • The “absolutely” must have: family and close friends
  • The “almost absolutely” should be there: friends, coworkers, friends of the family
  • The “nice to have” or the “do we have to” list: distant relatives, old friends, children of guests
  • Every venue will welcome adults, but not every venue will be amenable to having children there, so you have to factor that in carefully when it comes to the third section. Another thing to consider is if you’ll be allowing plus ones to attend, and whether or not those plus ones will be children. It’s totally fine if you want to keep it adults-only, but if that’s your choice, make sure to specify that on the invitations — and stick to your guns. If guests give you a hard time about it, politely explain that on your wedding day, you want to keep a certain atmosphere and while you love their children, you’re thinking of all the guests’ comfort.

    Step 4: Knowing Who to Say No To

    There are a couple of last points you should keep in mind:

  • Ex-partners do not get invited to your wedding. There are exceptions to this, of course, such as if you’re really close to your ex, broke up fairly amicably and a long time ago, and — most importantly — if your partner is okay with their presence. If even one box is ticked off, do not invite them.
  • Knowing something personal about a potential guest is reason enough to not invite them, such as a current or recovering alcoholic and having an open-bar wedding. You have to keep everyone in mind here, and if one guest could potentially spoil things for the lot, it’s better to leave them out.
  • Do not let anyone twist your arm about the guestlist, especially family members. It’s your day and your preferences, and if they want to see someone invited, they can wait for their wedding. If you’re having problems with anyone, nicely say, “Mildred, I appreciate what you’re saying, but my partner and I have to stick to our plan very closely.” Keep repeating that and don’t allow yourself to become engaged in a debate. And remember, if you bend once, you’ll bend again, and it will become that much easier for people to take advantage of you.

    When it comes to your wedding day, there’s only one company that can do everything right: Windows on the Lake. We specialize in weddings of all types and sizes, whether you’re hosting an intimate wedding on Long Island or a big gala in the heart of New York. Contact us today to make sure your wedding is the wedding of your dreams.
  • How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Cake

    Eat Cake And Be Merry:

    A Brides Guide to Choosing a Wedding Cake

    Choosing the perfect wedding cake can be the best part of the entire planning process. But for the sweetest results, it’s important to spend time figuring out what you want aesthetically vs. what you need realistically.

    There are 4 major influences behind choosing your wedding cake:

         Budget. First and foremost is your budget. It’s important to be realistic when you set it. Planning a Long Island wedding can be expensive but your cake isn’t the place to cut corners. A good wedding cake is not cheap and a cheap wedding cake is not good. Remember that fondant is more expensive than frosting and all handmade details will increase the price. A rule of thumb: you can average the cake will cost anywhere from $2-$18 dollars per slice.


         Size. The number of guest you plan on having is important. Portions should dictate the cake size, not vice versa.  If you are having a small wedding but want to have a 5-tiered cake consider using fake tiers to save yourself money and achieve the look you desire. On the contrary if you have a huge guest list and want to opt for a smaller, more décor inspired cake, think about hiding a few sheet cakes in the back and serving them to unsuspecting guests in order to provide enough servings.

         Taste.  Let’s not forget the wonderful wedding activity where you get a chance to sample slices of delicious cake. When you are spending hundreds on dollars on a wedding cake- it better taste good. Scratch that- it better taste GREAT! In this day and age, you don’t need to settle for the polished and gum paste texture of fondant or the thickness of buttercream. There are lots of unique flavors to pick from. Just remember if you are serving other desserts along side the cake, you want to pick a flavor that will enhance the entire spread.

         Design. These days it is not enough to blow people away with the taste of your cake- it must wow them with it’s aesthetics too. We recommend having an idea of what you want but try to remain flexible. Looking through Pinterest and Martha Stewart for cake ideas is great but what you may not realize is that those cakes can cost upwards of 1,000. That’s why it is important to know your wedding cake budget and talk to your cake maker about your options. Because cake trends are moving away from the traditional tiered white cake, there are so many ways to customize a cake and get the look you want for less.

    The days of sacrificing taste for design are over. Knowing your budget, the number of guest your cake needs to feed and having ideas for flavor and décor will make choosing the perfect cake easy as, well…cake.

         Here’s a sweet tip: It’s worth asking your reception hall if they bake the cake on site. If so, it will save you from worrying about the temperature and transportation on the day of.



    [Ronkonkoma, NY – 2013] Windows On The Lake is pleased to announce they have been selected as a 2013 winner in The Knot Best of Weddings, a special section featured on is the number-one wedding destination, most trusted by brides.

    This year, Windows On The Lake has been voted a TOP PICK for The Knot “Best of Weddings”.

    The Knot Best of Weddings 2013 provides a “by brides, for brides” guide to the top wedding professionals across the country, and is a must-have when it comes to selecting the best-of-the-best wedding resources. Whether they’re trying to find the wedding dress salon with the best service in Philadelphia, the most creative wedding photographers in Los Angeles, New York’s top cake bakers or Miami’s hottest reception sites, engaged couples across the country want the inside scoop on the best from real brides.

    “Being voted The Knots Best of Weddings 2013 Pick is one of our most treasured awards because it is voted and rated by the bride’s right here on Long Island.  It is an honor that we do not take lightly and we are delighted to have won it again in 2013!” claims Anthony Pellegrino, Owner of Windows on the Lake and Beach Club Estate.

    # # #

    About Windows On The Lake/Beach Club Estate

    Owned and Operated by the Pellegrino family for almost 20 years, Windows On The Lake and Beach Club Estate are two waterfront catering venues located on the serene Lake Ronkonkoma.  Windows On The Lake offers grand surroundings, spectacular views, superb cuisine and exceptional service which combined provides brides with the wedding day that they have always dreamed of.  With indoor and outdoor capabilities, waterfront ceremonies, options for kosher and ethnic cuisines, and wedding coordinators that take all the stress out of planning a wedding, Windows On The Lake is a first choice among Long Island brides.  Windows On The Lake and Beach Club Estate also offer catering for corporate events on and off premise.  Contact us at 631-737-0088 or visit us at, or friend us on Facebook at

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    XO Group Inc. (NYSE: XOXO), is a global media and technology leader devoted to weddings, pregnancy and everything in between, providing young women with the trusted information, products and advice they need to guide them through the most transformative events of their lives. Our family of premium brands began with the #1 wedding brand, The Knot, and has grown to include, The Nest, The Bump, and XO Group is recognized by the industry for being innovative in all media – from the web to social media and mobile, magazines and books, and video – and our groundbreaking social platforms have ignited passionate communities across the world. XO Group has leveraged its customer loyalty into successful businesses in online sponsorship and advertising, registry services, ecommerce and publishing. The company is publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange (XOXO) and is headquartered in New York City. Follow XO Group on Twitter @xogroupinc.

    For more information, please contact [email protected].

    How To Save Money On Your Wedding Venue

    Save Money On Your Wedding Venue

    Wedding receptions are costly no matter where you live, but thanks to a recent study by and, we now know that Long Island weddings are the third most expensive in the country. But don’t panic just yet; there are lots of ways to save money on your wedding venue and ensure you have the wedding of your dreams without blowing your budget. One way to save money on your wedding venue is to think about when you want to have your wedding. Morning or evening? Saturday or Sunday? Summer or Winter? Peak season for Long Island weddings is typically May to October, while the most popular day of the week to trade wedding vows is Saturday evening. Translation: you can expect your venue to charge their top rate for Saturday evening wedding during these months. Are you open to a Friday night, Saturday afternoon or a Sunday wedding? These are becoming increasingly popular and are an excellent way to control your budget. Even midweek weddings are occurring more and more frequently. Perhaps your first date anniversary falls on a Thursday this year; celebrate it by getting married on the same day. Or perhaps the Wednesday night before a holiday such as Thanksgiving might be a perfect fit since your relatives will all be in for the holiday– these are great ways to save some money. Even if a Saturday wedding is an absolute ‘must’ for you, consider scheduling your big day during an off-peak month. Winter is an absolutely beautiful time for a Long Island wedding, especially if there’s a light dusting of snow. Also, venues are often decorated for the holidays during this period, which will only benefit your décor budget. Early spring is lovely as well; picture blooming daffodils and budding trees in April, or March, when the days get a little longer and the waterfront breeze has a hint of warmth in it. Weddings venues on Long Island may be expensive, but they don’t have to break the bank. Keep an open mind when it comes to the timing of your wedding, and you can easily stay within your budget without compromising the overall style of your big day!

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