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Sweet Sixteen Planning Continued

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The Details- Plan 1-2 months prior to the party

Now that you have the date and venue squared away, you’ll now be able to focus on the particulars of the party.  Chances are, there will be a lot of details involved so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.  You can’t do the whole thing alone.  Here are some things you’ll need to plan.



  • Theme- Work with your daughter to decide on what the theme of the party will be.  She probably has a ton of ideas already, so pick her brain, but be sure to be the filter so that you don’t go too crazy.  Teenage girls can have great ideas, but things might get carried away.  With your combined efforts you should be able to plan a great theme for her big day.  




  • Food- This is an area where you can blow a huge portion of your budget or if you plan right, you can save some money while having awesome food at the party.  Some choose to have the event catered, while others have a home cooked buffet.  If you are planning on home cooking the food, keep in mind how much time that will take, and how much more you will have to do.  This could take you away from other details you could be focusing on.  So either get help, or my recommendation is to hire a caterer.  If you have chosen to have this Sweet Sixteen party at a Long Island Wedding Venue, there is a good chance there is On Site Catering.  If that’s the case, due to it being wedding off season, you could get a really good deal on food.  Some venues don’t offer On Site Catering, you you’ll have to find some caterers that will come to you. Do your research and you’ll find a perfect place to fit your budget.  




  • Entertainment- The purpose of having a Sweet Sixteen party is to honor your daughter as she grows into adulthood.  So it is important to keep the focus on her.  You can plan some games that her friends can get into. Maybe something that will involve getting to know all about her.  If you decide to hire a DJ, again consult with your daughter and make sure the DJ is playing music that your daughter will approve of.  As ridiculous as it may seem, don’t forget, playing the right or wrong music is a reflection on your daughter and her “coolness”.  So it’s important she has approval on the playlist.  If the DJ gets the music right, everyone will have a good time.  
  • Party Favors- It is proper party etiquette to make sure the guests don’t go home empty handed.  Especially at a Sweet Sixteen party!  This is an area where you can get really creative, but don’t have to break the budget.  Again, you’ll want this to reflect the party theme, as well as have everyone who was there remember that this was from your teenager’s party.



While it is a difficult task to plan a huge party like this, in the end it will be rewarding when you see how happy your daughter is.  This will be an event she’ll never forget.  A few things to remember, while this is a party you’ll be involved in, don’t forget, these are still teenagers you’re dealing with.  You might want to ask some of your friends coming to the party to help supervise.  I imagine for the most part everyone will be well behaved, but if you have the right amount of supervision, you’ll be able to avoid those sneaky teens trying to spike the punch!