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How To Save Money On Your Wedding Venue

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How To Save Money On Your Wedding Venue

Save Money On Your Wedding Venue

Wedding receptions are costly no matter where you live, but thanks to a recent study by and, we now know that Long Island weddings are the third most expensive in the country. But don’t panic just yet; there are lots of ways to save money on your wedding venue and ensure you have the wedding of your dreams without blowing your budget. One way to save money on your wedding venue is to think about when you want to have your wedding. Morning or evening? Saturday or Sunday? Summer or Winter? Peak season for Long Island weddings is typically May to October, while the most popular day of the week to trade wedding vows is Saturday evening. Translation: you can expect your venue to charge their top rate for Saturday evening wedding during these months. Are you open to a Friday night, Saturday afternoon or a Sunday wedding? These are becoming increasingly popular and are an excellent way to control your budget. Even midweek weddings are occurring more and more frequently. Perhaps your first date anniversary falls on a Thursday this year; celebrate it by getting married on the same day. Or perhaps the Wednesday night before a holiday such as Thanksgiving might be a perfect fit since your relatives will all be in for the holiday– these are great ways to save some money. Even if a Saturday wedding is an absolute ‘must’ for you, consider scheduling your big day during an off-peak month. Winter is an absolutely beautiful time for a Long Island wedding, especially if there’s a light dusting of snow. Also, venues are often decorated for the holidays during this period, which will only benefit your décor budget. Early spring is lovely as well; picture blooming daffodils and budding trees in April, or March, when the days get a little longer and the waterfront breeze has a hint of warmth in it. Weddings venues on Long Island may be expensive, but they don’t have to break the bank. Keep an open mind when it comes to the timing of your wedding, and you can easily stay within your budget without compromising the overall style of your big day!