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Pakistani Wedding Traditions

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Throughout the world there are many different wedding traditions.  Most of them have developed as part of the culture and religion in the region.  In most countries in the Middle East, Shadi is used.  Shadi is performed in these countries to bring other close together, whether it be families, towns, or even man and woman.


Pakistan is a country high in culture and tradition, and is known as an Islamic State.  Pakistani weddings will usually remain strict with Islamic wedding traditions, there are still many other costumes that they will observe.  The purpose of a Pakistani wedding is to legally marry a man and woman.  And being Muslim, it is the most important responsibility of the parents to be sure that their children are married once they are mature.  This is done to avoid sin.


Pakistani marriages are unique in that they blend the traditions of Islam and Hindu.  These cultures lived together for years.  Pakistan is an incredible country with many treasures.  The wedding celebrations there are a fun and exciting event.


About Five to Seven significant events will take place at a Pakistani wedding.  Sometimes,  they will take place over the course of a full week, but usually it’s spread out over a months time.  Let’s take a look at these events.


Pakistani Marriage Process


In Pakistan weddings are usually arranged, so they take about a year to finalize.  When the wedding events are nearing, friends and family are invited.  A budget is put in place to accommodate all that is about to take place.  Depending on what region of the country a family is from, different customs and rituals will be observed.  A typical Pakistani wedding will usually be centered around three events.  Rasm-e-hennah, Nikah, and Valimah, which is the reception.


Maniyaan (Engagement)-


  • Once the bride’s parents accept the proposal, there will be a small family get together called Maniyaan.  This usually includes an exchanging of rings, and some other gifts to symbolically show that the proposal has been accepted and that the wedding is forthcoming.





  • This is generally considered the most exciting event of Pakistani weddings.  Men and women will get together at either the bride’s or groom’s home and dance and sing along to native instruments such as the Dhool, Dandiyaan, or the Duffli.  Dholki is also an instrument that is a vital part of any Pakistani wedding.  This event can take place even weeks before the actual wedding.


 Mayun Ceremony


  • The Mayun or the Mehendi Ceremony generally takes place a few days prior to the wedding day.  Friends will get together at the home of the bride and apply Henna or Mehendi on her feet and hands.  In more traditional weddings, it will just be the female family members that will participate in this event.  The tradition has evolved over the years to where now men and women will take part in the celebration.


Nikah Ceremony (The Wedding Day)


  • At this ceremony the bride will usually wear a red dress and have her head covered.  She will also be dressed with gold jewelry.  This will make sure she is noticed above any other in attendance.  The
  • The Groom will wear a Sherwaani, and a Sehra on top of his head.  The Sehra will usually have fresh flowers placed upon it.
  • The procession begins by heading to the home of the bride.  The ceremony officially begins once the Nidak-Namma (marriage document), has been registered.  Within this document are various terms and conditions, including what money the woman will receive if they are to divorce.
  • Witnesses, and Walis must be in attendance for this part of the ceremony.  Usually the bride and groom’s fathers will be Walis.  The Priest will then recite various verses and once that is done, the bride and groom will accept the terms of the wedding by saying Qabool Hai.  The wedding is then announced, and the bride’s family will provide dinner.





This ceremony will take place once the dinner has been completed.  The bride will leave her home with the family of the groom and the groom himself.  The Quran is held above her head as she exits.  This symbolizes her begining her new life with endless blessings.





Shab e Zifaf (First Night for the couple)


The bedroom of the newly married couple is to be showered with flowers.  It is tradition that the bed is filled with rose pedals so that the first evening together is memorable and enjoyable.  At this time the new husband will give his wife a gift as a token of his love.  This could be some jewelry or a ring.


Pakistani Wedding Food


You will quickly discover that the food is a very key aspect, and maybe the most important part of a Pakistani wedding.  The variety of food will seem endless.  People will prefer to have the wedding dinner at a venue or banquet hall.  That way they can have catering supply the large quantities of food.  Besides, booking a long island wedding venue for a Pakistani wedding reception will make more sense due to the large amount of guests that will most likely be invited.  They’ll have more space here and the parents won’t have to worry about cleaning up their house after the guests depart.


If you have never attended a Pakistani wedding, I hope one day you get the opportunity.  There are so many interesting customs and fun traditions that you’ve missed out on thus far.  At the center of it all is family with richie bello  It’s a great experience.