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Long Island Weddings: What’s Your Season

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Long Island Weddings: What’s Your Season

Things to Think about for any Long Island Weddings in Every Season

You’ve just accepted a marriage proposal and are giddy with excitement. The partner you’ve been dating is now going to be your spouse for life, and you can hardly wait to wake up beside them as a married person. Before you can get to that point, you have to actually experience the magic of the big day. And before you can even get there, you have to decide roughly when you want your Long Island wedding to be.

Winter Wonderland

A winter wedding is definitely not for everyone, as the number of weddings taking place is the fewest by far. In December and February, 7.8% and 7.0% of weddings take place, respectively, with only a scant 4.7% occurring in January. Those numbers can be good, though, because:


  • The likelihood of having your favorite wedding venue in Long Island — like Windows on the Lake — be available are the highest all year.
  • The dearth of winter weddings means venues and vendors will drop their prices so they maintain bookings.
  • Friends and family can capitalize on cheaper post-holiday travel prices to attend your wedding.
  • The holiday/winter season also tends to mean more free time for everyone, letting you have the guest list you really want.
  • Going away for a tropical honeymoon will feel extra special in comparison to the cold wintry weather.
  • The stark beauty of snow and winter provides an amazing backdrop for your wedding photos.
  • Not only will great photographers be much more available, but winter provides near-flawless lighting, too, which means you can possibly cut down a little bit on photography costs.


Spring Awakening

Not everyone is constitutionally cut out for suffering through freezing temperatures just to get the benefits of a winter wedding, and spring is right around that corner.


  • The charm and beauty of seeing life bursting through the earth adds a sweetness and hope to your special day.
  • Wedding venues and caterers in Long Island are still pretty available and reasonably priced early in the spring season.
  • The days are getting longer, and the sun shines for more hours each day.
  • The temperature isn’t too hot nor too cold, but that nice, comfortable medium.
  • A spring wedding is the perfect antidote to permanently cap off prolonged winter blues, and offers a sense of new beginnings — exactly what your wedding signifies. It’s the only time of year certain bulb plants, like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses and anemones, bloom, and can be available to give your wedding a truly spring-time floral look.


Summer Splendor

June is the most popular month for weddings, grabbing 10.8% of the share, with August following close behind at 10.2%. There’s no doubt summer weddings are the most popular by far, so let’s take a look at why so many people are drawn to them.


  • If you or your guests live in a winter-heavy location, a summer wedding is one of the most glorious ways to highlight the most perfect season of the year.
  • The majority of flowers bloom in the summer, giving you just about a free-for-all of floral arrangements for the big day.
  • Long days, a bright sun, and perfectly warm weather give you the ideal and most natural setting in any city.
  • You can opt for an outdoor wedding with no hesitation, and use a tent just in case the rain clouds decide to be an unannounced guest.
  • Summer is the universal time for vacation, giving your guests the best chance of being able to attend without the pressures of the holiday season.
  • You can save a little bit on your dress by going for something lighter and shorter, as you won’t need all the materials you usually would for a cooler-weather wedding.
  • Because of the longer days and hours of sun, you may not need to spend as much on electricity at your wedding reception in Long Island as you would during other times of the year.


Autumn Glory

While each of the previous seasons have their own distinctive set of advantages, the fall is that one season that takes the best of all of them and combines it into one package. You have a near-limitless set of options on what you want to do, and the benefit of slightly lower wedding averages (September: 9.6%; October: 9.4%; November: 7.4%) to capitalize on prices that are a bit lower than summer.


  • The leaves changing color provides a breathtaking backdrop when nature is at its most spontaneously beautiful point of the year, and on such a wide scale.
  • You get the benefit of lingering summer-warm weather without the oppressive heat, and a pleasant cooling off in the evenings.
  • Special little extras, like including a hay ride or incorporating a barn, aren’t quirky, but seamless, in the fall.
  • Autumn reds, oranges and yellows make for absolutely stunning color and décor combinations, with an incredibly rich palette to choose from.
  • The crispness of the air also has that heady autumn aroma, so your guests can celebrate your wedding in Long Island with you on so many levels.
  • The beauty of the outdoors makes it really easy to set up for photographs, as the only thing you’ll have to worry about is making sure you’re standing in the right position relative to the sun. Nature takes care of the rest.
  • The weather is pretty consistent, so there’s a really low chance of getting surprised by rain for your outdoor nuptials.


If you’re still not sure when you want your wedding to be, then call us at Windows on the Lake to learn more about our fabulous venue. Or, better yet, drop by and see why getting married on Lake Ronkonkoma is one of the top choices of Long Islanders everywhere. Our elegant venue, combined with the natural beauty of the lake, makes it the perfect spot for your wedding no matter what season you end up going with.