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Long Island Wedding Reception Decorating Ideas

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Long Island Wedding Reception Decorating Ideas

Planning your Long Island wedding reception décor can be a daunting task. It’s not easy to look at an empty space and be able to visualize all of the limitless decorating options that are out there! Not to mention imagine how your going to pay for all of it. However, for a bride on a budget, there are some easy, inexpensive decorating tips that can really make your wedding reception everything you’ve always imagined.

  • Ribbon: Make ribbon your best friend. If you go to a craft store, you can buy wide swaths of ribbon in bulk without hurting your budget. Choose a color that complements your theme and floral arrangement, and use it as table runners or chair ties.
  • Seashells and Sand:  Having a wedding on Long Island gives you easy access to setting a beach theme of seashells and sand. Using a big hurricane vase filled with sand and shells is a super cheap, easy to make, fun decorating element.
  • Candles: There’s no such thing as too many candles, at a wedding reception or otherwise. They’re inexpensive, elegant and most importantly – everyone looks better in candlelight.
  • Monochromatic Flower Arrangements: There’s something so clean and modern about flower arrangements that are all of one single bright color, whether it’s pink, red or yellow. Paired against crisp white linens and crystal water goblets and wine glasses, your flowers will really make your wedding reception pop. Here’s a tip- choose flowers that are in season for better prices!
  • Think about renting! For a fraction of the cost you can get anything from statues to centerpieces and since you end up throwing away most of the decor anyways- it’s a great way to be economically smart without sacrificing what you want!

Whatever you have in mind, the banquet managers and bridal coordinators at Windows On The Lake are here to help. Schedule a tour today and see how we can make your wedding day better than you ever imagined.