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Kosher Catering

Authentic Kosher Catering!

For over 30 years, Windows on the Lake has worked hard to create the reputation of a premier catering facility.  We believe in catering to our clients, whatever their needs may be. We work hard to accommodate your needs, budget, and vision and serve you dishes you will love. We have combined the best chefs with the highest quality of food to provide our clients with an extensive variety of continental and international cuisines. Our chefs specialize in creating dishes from around the world. This includes special cultural, ethnic, kosher and dietary requests as well as halal meats.

With our culinary expertise we are able to create stunning presentations of traditional halal dishes as well as modern, progressive kosher meals. Gorgeous ice and fruit carvings as well as food inspired centerpieces constructed by our “Garde Manager Chefs” will leave you in awe.  Clients are guaranteed superior food, professional wait staff, and impeccable service. Take a look below for an example of the Kosher catering options Windows on the Lake offers:

Prestige Kosher Catering