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Indian Wedding Ceremony:

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Wedding Ceremony Timeline

Time Event
9:00 AM Hairdresser meets the bride at either her home or the hotel she’s staying at.  It would be a good idea for the wedding planner to meet up then as well.
9:30 AM The wedding planner shows up at the venue where the ceremony will take place.  They should meet up with the florist, DJ, and any other vendors that need to be there for an early set up.  Give them a basic rundown of the venue, and let them get to work.
9:45 AM The photographer should show up where the bride is getting ready to take pictures of the process.  At the same time, the groom and his side of the wedding party should start to get themselves ready.
10:00 AM At this time the wedding planner should do a once around the venue to make sure that all setup is going along as scheduled.
10:15 AM All the final touches should be done for the ceremony.  If there are programs, make sure they have been laid out on all the chairs, the guestbook is set up, the corsages and boutonnieres are finished and taken from the florist.  Then set up the memory table and have the statue of Ganesha set up.
10:30 AM By now all the set up should be completed for the ceremony.  This will give the photographer some time to take care of the venue where the ceremony will take place.  At this point the groom, his party, and his family should begin showing up.  If the bride is being picked up in a limo, the limo should be picking her her parents, and her party by now.  If not, then whomever is driving her should be at her hotel by now to get her.  While she is in route, the wedding planner should discuss with the ushers the seating arrangements and any other responsibilities they’ll be assigned.
10:45 AM The Pundit should be at the ceremony venue at this time.  The DJ or wedding planner should make sure that the microphone works properly.  Doing a soundcheck with the Pundit wouldn’t hurt. This would also be a good time to start playing some shehali music.  While that the DJ is getting the music playing, the wedding planner should get the pooja supplies at the mandap.  The flower girls should have their baskets all set up as well.  Hopefully the Bride, her parents and the party will be pulling into the ceremony venue.  Once they show up, they can go to their dressing rooms at the venue.  The marriage license should be given to the Pundit at this time as well.
11:00 AM The photographer will gather the Groom, his party, and his family for some pre ceremony photographs around the Long Island wedding venue.  While that is going on the DJ, Dhol player and Bhangra Dancers should be getting prepared for the Baraat.
11:05 AM The Baraat gets together at the entrance of the ceremony venue.  This is when the groom will mount the horse, the DJ begins the music, the Dancers begin to dance.
11:15 AM The Baraat procession will now begin and the family will now join in the celebration.
11:40 AM This is when Milnis will happen.  Here the mother of the bride will perform aarti on the groom.  This is also when the bride’s family will welcome grooms side.
11:55 AM The ushers will now guide the guests to their chairs.  The bride and groom are given a rundown of what’s next by the wedding planner. At this time the bride and groom’s wedding party start lining up.
12:00 PM The DJ starts playing processional music, and when the time is right, the wedding planner will signal to the DJ that the ceremony is ready to start.
12:02 PM First the bridesmaids walk down, escorted by the groomsmen, then the best man will escort the maid of honor.  Following them will be the ring bearer and flower girl.
12:04 PM Once the wedding party is in place, the DJ will change the processional music to the music the bride will walk down to.  Once that music changes, the audience rises to their feet, and the bride is escorted down the isle by her parents.
12:05 PM The Ceremony begins.
1:00 PM At this point, the wedding couple will sign the certificate of marriage.
1:10 PM Now the recessional takes place.
1:15 PM The DJ or wedding planner will announce that the guests can move to another part of the venue where there will be appetizers and such, while the wedding party and family will take pictures.
1:30 PM Wedding party takes post ceremony pictures.
2:30 PM Once pictures are finished up, the party will head back to the hotel to relax and get ready for the reception.