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In-house Catering vs. Off-Site Catering

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In-house Catering vs. Off-Site Catering

When it comes to catering your reception which is better?

When it comes to catering your wedding what do you choose: the on-site catering provided by your venue or the off-site catering company your friend recommended? Well, the answer is simple. The in-house caterer will almost always provide better results for a cheaper price.

In-House Catering

First and foremost, your in-house caterer knows the venue. They know the location, the space, the staff, and flow of your Long Island catering location. They have experience working in the kitchen and have catered events just like yours over a million times.

They are familiar with where to go when they need something and who to ask for it. Since they have done this so many times they know exactly when each course should start and end so they can plan to start plating and serving different courses accordingly. This ensures everything will run smoothly and on time.

They already know the number of staff members they need to have on shift. The wait staff is train specifically for your venue and they know where to go and how to work the room to ensure everyone is able to try each hors d’oevres.

Off-Site Catering

It is important to keep in mind that if you choose to hire an outside caterer there may be hidden fees and risks. Many venues will charge an additional fee to bring in an outside catering company so if you are trying to budget, this isn’t the best choice. You also have to beware off fees from your off-site caterer. He or she may charge you for staffing, equipment rentals and more. You also need to check that your venue will allow the catering company access to a full kitchen assuming that you want your food fresh and cooked on-site! The biggest risk associated with hiring an off-site catering service would be losing your venue’s security deposit because your catering company damaged the venue site.

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