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Long Island Ethnic Wedding Traditions

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Long Island Ethnic Wedding Traditions

Is Your Long Island wedding venue
familiar with your ethnic wedding traditions?

If you’re planning to incorporate any ethnic wedding traditions into your big day, it’s important to choose a wedding venue that is experienced enough to deliver your vision in tradition, design, experience and a variety of ethnic foods!

 Feel free to share this article with unfamiliar friends and family who will be attending your ethnic wedding so they can get a basic understanding of what it’s all about and a glimpse into what to expect!

Jewish Wedding Traditions:

Traditional Jewish ceremonies take place under the chuppah, a special draped canopy, which represents God’s presence and symbolizes the home the couple will soon share. After the exchange of vows and reading of the marriage blessings, the groom steps on a glass, breaking it to symbolize the fragility of human happiness. Immediately after the ceremony, it is customary for the bride and groom to spend a few moments alone together. This tradition is called yichud.

Traditional Jewish wedding receptions are joyful and lively celebrations with lots of singing and dancing. It is at the reception that an Israeli dance called the Hora is performed. During the Hora, the bride and groom are lifted into the air and celebrated by their exuberant guests, while sitting on chairs and each holding one end of a handkerchief.

Also, does your wedding venue also offer Glatt Kosher foods or Kosher Style events to meet your traditions and your needs? This is a question to ask your venue before making a decision.

Hindu Wedding Traditions:

Traditional Hindu weddings emphasize three values: happiness, harmony and growth. The ceremony involves many different traditions, including the couple taking their symbolic first seven steps together, with each step representing a different marriage vow. After their seven steps, the parents of the bride and groom bless the wedded couple by dipping a rose in water and waving it over the pair, sprinkling them with water drops. The groom then draws a small mark on the bride’s forehead with vermillion, a red powdered lead, symbolically welcoming her as his partner for life.

Latino Wedding Traditions:

Hispanic weddings are traditionally deeply spiritual, often taking place following mass at a Roman Catholic Church. After exchanging vows, an extra long strand of rosary beads are strung around the necks of the couple in a figure eight shape, symbolizing their unity. Next, two members of their wedding party drape a white satin cord around their shoulders; the couple wears this for the rest of the service, symbolizing the love that will keep them together for the rest of their lives. The traditional Latino wedding reception is a lively celebration of family and love. For the couple’s first dance, guests gather in a heart-shaped ring around them in joyful celebration.

There are too many traditions to list from all the different cultures of the world. But the point is, each is unique in there own way and to ensure that your wedding is the best it can be, make sure your catering hall is experienced in  the type of wedding traditions you are looking to have.