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Choosing the Bridal Party for your Long Island Wedding

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Choosing the Bridal Party for your Long Island Wedding

Choosing your Bridal Party
may be the most difficult task
of your entire Long Island wedding.

Because you can’t ask your bridesmaids for advice when you don’t have any yet.

Back in the day choosing candidates was easy: your sister or best friend was your maid of honor, your fiancés sisters were your bridesmaid and you and your significant other always have an even amount of party participants! But the game has changed and these rules are becoming vanishing guidelines for today’s modern bride. More recent wedding trends show brides are opting for a very intimate bridal party and some even limiting it down to a maid of honor and a best man.

Being asked to participate in a bridal party is a huge honor, but it is also a huge responsibility so before you go inviting everyone you know keep these tips in mind:

1. Wedding experts suggest having one bridesmaid and one groomsman (or 2 groomsman/ 2 bridesmaids for same-sex couples) per every 50 guests.
2. If you expect your bridesmaids to be your personal wedding support system and hold your hand through every step you need to consider where they live and their schedules. If you want your out-of-state best friend to be your maid of honor, she won’t be able to be very active in helping pick your dress or plan your bridal shower or really anything that she needs to physically be with there for, so be prepared to make a lot of decisions solo.
3. BUT Don’t assume because they live out-of-state, are having financial difficulties, or have crazy hectic schedules that they won’t make the effort they need. Make sure if you choose to ask them that you approach it by letting them know that if they aren’t up for the challenge there are lots of other wedding aspects they can surly be a part of!
4. You DO NOT need to ask someone to be part of your party just because you were part of theirs. People grow apart, times change, and that okay. Maybe you don’t want as large a party or you simple don’t consider her as close as she considers you. Whatever the situation there is no need to feel obligated.
5. Last but not least make sure that your Long Island wedding venue can accommodate your bridal party size. Most brides over look is that a large party can take up a lot of space- and TIME. The bigger the bridal party the longer the introductions.