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Planning a holiday party

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It’s that time of year again! Time to get out there and make your appearance at all those holiday parties going on. Of course, those can be a lot of fun, but haven’t you always wanted to throw your own holiday party? Maybe you’re nervous because you’ve never hosted a party around the holidays. Well, there is nothing to worry about. Just follow these tips, and you’ll have a great holiday party. So great that your friends will hope this becomes an annual event.
Where and when are you having it? Before you plan anything else, figuring out where and when you are having your party should be the first items on your list. Once you know when the party is, then you can nail down where it is. You can figure out how many guests you can invite, how much you’ll need to decorate, and of course, the amount of food and drinks you’ll need to provide. But make sure if you are not having the party at your house, you should book the venue of your choice right away so no one else gets it before you. Many people will try to book bars or restaurants, but there are other venues to choose from that might be nicer, and a more enjoyable than a restaurant. For one, you don’t want to have to share a venue with other parties. Be sure you look to some of the best banquet halls in Long Island. Many of them will have great rates, and they’ll be a quality venue you’ll have to yourself. Be sure to also check out some Long Island wedding venues. The holidays are generally the off season for wedding venues, so you’ll be able to find a great place, at a great price. Especially if you book your party on a Friday evening.

Get those invites out!- If you are having the type of party where you want people to RSVP, be sure to get those invites out right away. The sooner you get a head count, the better prepared you’ll be when purchasing food and drinks. If you’re needing RSVP’s, you’ll still want to get invites out as soon as you can because there are a lot of parties this time of year, and you want to make sure people save that night for your party.

Food- Some of these Long Island wedding venues will offer catering, and if you are planning an elegant night with a sit down dinner, then you should really check into these banquet hall catering plans. Even if you are just going to have a party with finger foods and appetizers, check with your venue. There is a good chance they’ll have a package that will offer that, and if so, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Activities?- Now that you have your venue and food situated, you want to make sure to decide if you’re going to have games, dancing, gift exchange, or any other activities at your party. There are a lot of fun holiday party games you can play, but if your friends are not the type of people who enjoy party games, a simple gift exchange can be fun. For the most entertainment, be sure there is a price limit. Something in the range of $15-$20. Or maybe even have a gift exchange from things they found at a dollar or thrift store. This encourages creativity from guests, which will lead to a lot of laughs and great memories from your party.

Music- Music can really make or break a party. Of course, you’ll want to have a playlist with holiday themed music. But don’t be afraid to add some contemporary music as well. Everyone enjoys a holiday tune, but after a couple hours they’ll be ready to dance to music they hear throughout the year. We suggest a great company for long island bounce house rentals  that will keep your party entertaining.
Hosting a holiday party can be stressful, but if you do it right, it will be simple, yet fun. Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be sure to have a party your friends will want to attend for years.

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Thank you from Windows On The Lake

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the time has come for us to show gratitude to many of our family and friends. Soon many will be gathered together around a table whether it be at their homes or a relatives. Or possible you’ll be joining celebrating Thanksgiving with us at Windows on the Lake. As you give gratitude to all those around you, we want to offer our gratitude to you. We here at Windows on the Lake are thankful to you.

We know that you have a variety of options when it comes to choosing a Long Island wedding venue. And the fact that you have chosen us has been greatly appreciated. Allowing us to host your wedding, whether it be the ceremony, or the ceremony and the reception is something that we have continue to enjoy year after year. We know this is a special day for you, and we hope all of you know that do all we can to make it the perfect event. It’s because of you, and your business that we have become one of the best wedding venues in Long Island. It’s because of you, that when people look for catering halls, or banquet halls in Long Island, they look to us with more frequency than ever before.

We hope that you will continue to look to us for all of your wedding venue, or banquet hall needs. We have been blessed to be a part of your lives, whether you have celebrated a sweet 16 with us, or your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or even your daughter’s Quinceanera. We understand that these are monumental moments in the lives of your family, and we are grateful to have been a part of them, and look forward to celebrating many more occasions with you!

Once again, we thank you for your business, for allowing to share just a little slice of life with you. Of all the Long Island wedding venues you have to choose from, we are extremely thankful you continue to choose us. If you are planning an event, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would be happy to help plan your next big event. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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Thanksgiving at Windows on the Lake

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In case anyone out there forgot, or missed it in the first place, we here at Windows on the Lake wanted to be sure to remind you of the great Thanksgiving event we have planned. We are hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner at our venue! Come join us for care free Thanksgiving dinner.

If you are not planning on travelling for Thanksgiving, or even if you’re planning to have too many guests at your home this year, skip the hard work preparing an entire meal for just you and a few people. Let us prepare you the perfect Thanksgiving Feast. Let this be the year you relax and have someone wait on you for once. Perhaps you’re not a great cook, and you still want to treat your visitors to a quality meal. Have Thanksgiving dinner with us. Only $39.95 for adults and $18.95 for children 3-12 years old (Kids under 2 are free!). You’ll have everything you want at Thanksgiving. Of course we’ll have a deliciously prepared Turkey, and we’ll have all the sides you could want! We’ll have everything from, stuffing, to mashed potatoes, to veggies, to yams, and much much more! Of course we have a dessert table featuring our traditional pumpkin pies, as well as a sundae bar, and many other desserts to finish off your meal in just the right way. Of course we have a cash bar and bottles of wine available, as well as unlimited soft drinks, coffee, and tea. You’ll be able to go home, and to your clean kitchen, content and satisfied.
Not only will you enjoy a fantastic dinner, but you’ll be able to have your Thanksgiving in a beautiful setting. With beautiful lake views, and one of the best banquet halls in Long Island, Windows on the Lake is the perfect location to enjoy an elegant setting, yet still have a feeling of warmth and family that comes with the holidays. We’ve hosted everything from weddings to corporate parties and everything inbetween. We know how to put just the right touches on a holiday such as Thanksgiving.
Call us now, or fill out the form on the link below to make a reservation. Reservations begin at 1:00 PM and continue every half hour until 5:30 PM. Come join us at Windows on the Lake for Thanksgiving. You’ll love the experience, and we’ll love to treat you to one of the best Thanksgiving meals you’ll ever have.

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Thanksgiving Dinner To Go!

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Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays in the United States. People travel from far and wide to see family or friends. One of the first things we think of when someone mentions Thanksgiving is the food. Some of the things that we can’t wait to hit our taste buds are, the perfectly cooked Turkey, the delicious gravy, the stuffing, and all the fixins. And who can forget the pumpkin pie? But keep in mind, someone has to cook that huge meal! If that someone is you, you may not be as excited about Thanksgiving as everyone else who doesn’t have to prepare this feast of all feasts. But what if you could have a perfectly prepared turkey, seasoned stuffing, baked yams, various sides, and a delicious pumpkin pie, and you wouldn’t even have to turn on your oven? Well guess what, this is totally possible! Windows on the Lake has brought back by popular demand, Thanksgiving Dinner to go!
Maybe your in-laws are coming to your house for the first time, and you really want to impress them, yet, you are not known for your cooking skills. Well don’t worry, order your Thanksgiving feast from Windows on the Lake, and you’ll have a fully cooked meal that they’ll never forget. We’ll even let you take all the credit for it. It just might make you the favorite in-law.
Perhaps you’ve just had a child, or moved into a brand new home, and everything is still in boxes, and preparing the big meal just isn’t in the cards this year. Having your complete dinner made for you will ensure that you’ll still have a memorable Thanksgiving feast you look forward to every year, and you won’t have to lift a finger!
Windows on the Lake Thanksgiving dinner to go provides you with a whole turkey, perfectly roasted, sage stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams with maple syrup and marshmallows, fresh veggies, creamed green peas with pearl onions, fresh cranberry sauce and giblet gravy, fresh baked bread, and mixed green salad with dressing. And if your mouth isn’t already watering, let’s not forget dessert. You’ll have your choice of pumpkin pie or apple crumb. There are additional appetizers, pies, and other items available upon request. (631) 737-0088
This meal will feed 8-12 people comfortably. So place your order, and come pick up your meal on Thanksgiving. We do deliver for an additional charge. Make sure to place your order on or before November 20, 2014. All you have to do is give us a call at (631) 737-0088 or fill out the form on the link below. So remember, if you want the perfect Thanksgiving feast, but don’t want to spend your entire holiday slaving away in the kitchen, let us make it for you. It will be heated and ready to eat, when you are. No reheating necessary!

Don’t hesitate to ask us about our holiday parties. We can host parties from 15 to 400 guests. Here at Windows on the Lake, we want to make sure all your holiday party needs are met.

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Corporate Event Planning Tips

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So you have somehow been assigned to plan your company’s next conference.  While this can be great way for you to shine in front of the big wigs, I’m sure you are stressed beyond belief.  Especially if you have never done any event planning in the past.  Have no fear.  You’re not the first one to be in this situation.  Many have thrived, and yet many have failed when given a hefty assignment such as this.  But if you stay organized, plan ahead, don’t freak out there is a little snag, you’ll be on your way to planning a great function.  Here are some guidelines to help you plan the perfect corporate event.

  1. Understanding the particulars- I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, “I need to find a venue for this conference!”  But before you do that, you need to know the particulars of your event.  So before you book a location, and hire the keynote speaker, figure out the details.  Such as…
    • When is the conference taking place?  Hopefully you’ll be allowed to choose from a few different dates.  That way you’ll be able to compare costs, and what venues are available.


  • Conference Hours It really does matter what time the conference starts, and when it’s over.  That way you’ll need to know if you have to provide breakfast or dinner.  
  • Attendance Usually for these types of events people will just ballpark the number of people attending.  But for you, because you want to put on the best conference ever, you’ll want to get specific.  The better you are a pinning down who is actually coming, the better you can make this event.
  • What type of Venue?  Now that you have figured out some particulars, you can pin down a venue for the conference.  Most of the time people look for hotels, because they have various ballrooms that can be rented out. There are many great companies out there that can do that and get you there.  But what many first time event planners don’t know, is there are many other options to consider.  First of all banquet halls.  Some of the best banquet halls in Long Island, make the perfect location for a conference.  And you might get a great deal, because most people don’t consider banquet halls in Long Island for their conferences.  The same thing goes for Long Island wedding venues.  I mean, who would think a wedding venue would be a good location for a conference.  Well, take Windows on the Lake for example.  They have all that is needed for the perfect work conference.
  •  They have multiple rooms if you want to have any type of breakout sessions.  There are gardens, and lake views to give the perfect outdoor lecture.  There is on site catering, which one less thing to worry about on your checklist.  Exploring outside of the hotel ballroom idea, might impress all those in your company when you book a venue with views, and gardens, and you’re the only ones using a great new york seo company.  Another thing about wedding venues to consider is, most weddings are on weekends.  Chances are, your conference will be midweek.  So you will be sure to have freedom to book the place you want.
  • Budget No one likes to work with a tight budget, but chances are that’s what you’ll be given.  So it’s time to get creative.  You’ve looked to the best banquet halls in Long Island, and Long Island wedding venues, so you know that there are places to have the perfect conference, at a reasonable price.  You’ll be able to look like you spent over the budget by thousands of dollars, and yet, you may just walk away with some extra money to use elsewhere.
  • Lodging If you have a conference where people are coming from out of state/town, you’ll need to figure out lodging.  Clearly, you can work out a deal with a hotel when you are using one of their ballrooms for your conference.  But again, if you have been put on a budget, and are looking for an alternative to the generic hotel room ballroom conference, you may see that many Long Island wedding venues have lodging nearby.  And many of these hotels will have shuttles that will take you from the lobby to the venue you have chosen.


Planning a major event like this can be difficult.  But if you take the time to follow these guidelines, you’ll have a conference that no one will forget.  It will give your bosses a reason to think of you when the next promotion comes around!  Another thing to consider when looking at banquet halls and wedding venues, is they know event planning.  They plan huge weddings and other celebrations all the time.  If you book there, I imagine many of their employees will know how to help you when it comes to putting on a conference like this.  They know all the best vendors around, and can really help you stay on budget.  So when you plan your big conference, make sure to seek out the best banquet halls on Long Island, or even some of the Long Island wedding venues.  Or just come here to Windows on the Lake.  We’ll take great care of you!


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Planning an Anniversary Party

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Celebrating an anniversary is a monumental event.  Not only is it a commemoration of the couple’s lasting commitment to one another, but it’s also a special time to look back on the good memories they and their family have had.   This is a great time to get family and friends together to celebrate this special day.


Depending on how long the couple has been married, some couples will prefer a small celebration just with immediate family.  But if it’s a landmark year, it would be great to invite extended family, and friends and have a grand party  to honor the committed couple.


While getting plans together it’s best to put together a list.  The sooner you put a list together, the more organized you will be.  Thinking of all there is to do can be overwhelming, but if you itemize everything accordingly, then you’ll have the time to do everything, which will keep you from any anxiety attacks.

You should have lists for two months before the party, and a final checklist a couple weeks before the party.


Two Months Before:


What date is the party?  If the actual anniversary is during the week, it’s still better to hold the party on a weekend.  That way all who desire to be there, can attend.


Where are you having the party? If you are having a small celebration then maybe a restaurant, or even someone’s home will suffice.  But if you are having a larger celebration there are a number of locations to choose from.  Many will look to the best banquet halls in Long Island, but depending on when the party is, you may be able to pin down one of the best Long Island wedding venues during the wedding offseason.


Who’s invited? Think about who the special couple would like to have at their event, and get those invites sent out.  The sooner you get the RSVP’s back the better.


Set your budget. Deciding on what you want or are able to spend on the big day.  If you set a budget, then assign things to some of the immediate family, you can have a great anniversary party without having everything coming from your pocket.


What’s everyone going to eat? Decide if you would prefer to serve the food yourself or would you like to have the party catered.  Some Long Island wedding venues have on-site catering.  If you are having a large party it would be a huge stress relief to have the event catered.


Two Week Checklist


Decor. Because this is a anniversary party, the decor you set up can be very simple.  I would suggest thinking of the couple and centering the decorations around them.  Maybe some pictures from when they were younger, including their wedding picture.  You could hang a “Happy Anniversary” banner where people are walking in.


Music It is important to decide if you want a live band, or a DJ.  Either way, you’ll want to book them about a month before the party.  If you know it’s  busy time for weddings, you may want to even book them earlier. If you are in the middle of wedding season, you might not want to compete with those high prices and just put a playlist together on your iPod.  It would be easier to rent a PA, and play the music yourself.  But if you are in the wedding offseason, it will be really special to have professionals in charge of the music.


Speeches You can invite those who will be giving speeches a couple weeks before the party, so they don’t stress for months on what to say.  A couple weeks is enough time to think about and decide what to say.  You might want to invite the couple’s oldest child, or one of their siblings, or a best friend to give a speech.  Make sure they are people who are comfortable with public speaking, and make sure they won’t drink to much before they speak.  You should also invite the couple to say a few words.  Everyone will want to hear from them.  Just inform them what time of the evening they’ll be speaking.


With these simple checklists, you’ll be able to plan an excellent anniversary party.  Seeking out the best banquet halls in Long Island, could be a great solution to any issues involving food, or space.  Remember, this is a special event, so make sure you and the celebrated couple have a great time.

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How to choose a wedding venue in autumn

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You have chosen to have your wedding in the Fall season.  It’s a beautiful time of year to get married.  But there are a number of things to consider when planning a wedding in Autumn.  One in particular is choosing the right wedding venue to fit your theme and this specific season.  Once you pin down the location, you can decide on what decorations you’ll have, and what colors you want to use.  Here are some things to think about when planning a wedding in Autumn.

Where do you want to have your wedding? Think about where you want this momentous occasion to be. Because it’s autumn, obviously you’ll want a Long Island wedding venue that has indoor facilities.  But I would advise that there be somewhere for people to spend some time outside, at least during the day.  Again, it’s autumn on Long Island. There will be an autumn backdrop naturally laid out for you, and you’ll want your guests to be able to be surrounded by it.  The fall colors of the trees, and crisp autumn air will add a perfect natural decor for your special day.  So while by nightfall, people will want to be inside where it’s nice and warm, make sure you have a place for the guests to experience this amazing season.

While having a wedding in autumn is beautiful, it is important to remember that while the natural colors will be beautiful, it is not a time where gardens are blooming with their natural plumage.  So while the trees will produce their own beauty with the beauty of the leaves changing, make sure that you have the right floral design necessary to go with this type of season.  You don’t want a garden wedding with a garden that is died out for the upcoming winter. Using a great company that supplies, used office furniture long island, will help increase your venue space.

Be sure to plan your wedding in accordance with day light savings.  It gets dark earlier in autumn.  So if you are planning the perfect sunset ceremony, make sure that you remember the time change, and that the sun will set earlier.  Even if you’re not planning a sunset ceremony, be aware of this time change because you don’t want the sun in everyone’s face while they’re trying to watch the beautiful newly wed couple.

It is important to consider what autumn theme you want.  You can go with a more traditional autumn theme that includes a harvest feel, with the usual decor that goes with that. Many when going with that theme will choose a rustic location, maybe a barn, or farm type location.  But there is also the alternate option to go with a more vintage style, with more modern themes.  If you decide on this theme, you will have more options when it comes to venues.  At Windows on the Lake, there are many options to have the perfect autumn wedding with an elegant look, and sophisticated feel.  With a beautiful lake view and outdoor fall setting, but also an indoor venue that will fit all of your autumn wishes.

A final thing to consider when choosing a Long Island wedding venue for your perfect autumn wedding is whether you want to have a wedding venue that will hold your wedding ceremony and your reception.  Some prefer to have separate venues  for each occasion, so figure out which you would prefer, and make sure you have the budget to use multiple venues.  Obviously it’s more practical to use one facility for both events, but it’s your wedding it’s up to you.

The other thing (I know I said final thing, but this is it I promise!), just like any other time of year, it is important to discuss with the Long Island wedding venues what kind of specials they are offering, what they include (tables, chairs, linens, and so on).  Finding the perfect venue with the perfect pricing package will ease your stress, and allow you to continue planning the autumn wedding you’ve always wanted.


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Pakistani Wedding Traditions

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Throughout the world there are many different wedding traditions.  Most of them have developed as part of the culture and religion in the region.  In most countries in the Middle East, Shadi is used.  Shadi is performed in these countries to bring other close together, whether it be families, towns, or even man and woman.


Pakistan is a country high in culture and tradition, and is known as an Islamic State.  Pakistani weddings will usually remain strict with Islamic wedding traditions, there are still many other costumes that they will observe.  The purpose of a Pakistani wedding is to legally marry a man and woman.  And being Muslim, it is the most important responsibility of the parents to be sure that their children are married once they are mature.  This is done to avoid sin.


Pakistani marriages are unique in that they blend the traditions of Islam and Hindu.  These cultures lived together for years.  Pakistan is an incredible country with many treasures.  The wedding celebrations there are a fun and exciting event.


About Five to Seven significant events will take place at a Pakistani wedding.  Sometimes,  they will take place over the course of a full week, but usually it’s spread out over a months time.  Let’s take a look at these events.


Pakistani Marriage Process


In Pakistan weddings are usually arranged, so they take about a year to finalize.  When the wedding events are nearing, friends and family are invited.  A budget is put in place to accommodate all that is about to take place.  Depending on what region of the country a family is from, different customs and rituals will be observed.  A typical Pakistani wedding will usually be centered around three events.  Rasm-e-hennah, Nikah, and Valimah, which is the reception.


Maniyaan (Engagement)-


  • Once the bride’s parents accept the proposal, there will be a small family get together called Maniyaan.  This usually includes an exchanging of rings, and some other gifts to symbolically show that the proposal has been accepted and that the wedding is forthcoming.





  • This is generally considered the most exciting event of Pakistani weddings.  Men and women will get together at either the bride’s or groom’s home and dance and sing along to native instruments such as the Dhool, Dandiyaan, or the Duffli.  Dholki is also an instrument that is a vital part of any Pakistani wedding.  This event can take place even weeks before the actual wedding.


 Mayun Ceremony


  • The Mayun or the Mehendi Ceremony generally takes place a few days prior to the wedding day.  Friends will get together at the home of the bride and apply Henna or Mehendi on her feet and hands.  In more traditional weddings, it will just be the female family members that will participate in this event.  The tradition has evolved over the years to where now men and women will take part in the celebration.


Nikah Ceremony (The Wedding Day)


  • At this ceremony the bride will usually wear a red dress and have her head covered.  She will also be dressed with gold jewelry.  This will make sure she is noticed above any other in attendance.  The
  • The Groom will wear a Sherwaani, and a Sehra on top of his head.  The Sehra will usually have fresh flowers placed upon it.
  • The procession begins by heading to the home of the bride.  The ceremony officially begins once the Nidak-Namma (marriage document), has been registered.  Within this document are various terms and conditions, including what money the woman will receive if they are to divorce.
  • Witnesses, and Walis must be in attendance for this part of the ceremony.  Usually the bride and groom’s fathers will be Walis.  The Priest will then recite various verses and once that is done, the bride and groom will accept the terms of the wedding by saying Qabool Hai.  The wedding is then announced, and the bride’s family will provide dinner.





This ceremony will take place once the dinner has been completed.  The bride will leave her home with the family of the groom and the groom himself.  The Quran is held above her head as she exits.  This symbolizes her begining her new life with endless blessings.





Shab e Zifaf (First Night for the couple)


The bedroom of the newly married couple is to be showered with flowers.  It is tradition that the bed is filled with rose pedals so that the first evening together is memorable and enjoyable.  At this time the new husband will give his wife a gift as a token of his love.  This could be some jewelry or a ring.


Pakistani Wedding Food


You will quickly discover that the food is a very key aspect, and maybe the most important part of a Pakistani wedding.  The variety of food will seem endless.  People will prefer to have the wedding dinner at a venue or banquet hall.  That way they can have catering supply the large quantities of food.  Besides, booking a long island wedding venue for a Pakistani wedding reception will make more sense due to the large amount of guests that will most likely be invited.  They’ll have more space here and the parents won’t have to worry about cleaning up their house after the guests depart.


If you have never attended a Pakistani wedding, I hope one day you get the opportunity.  There are so many interesting customs and fun traditions that you’ve missed out on thus far.  At the center of it all is family with richie bello  It’s a great experience.


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Indian Wedding Reception Timeline

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3:00 PM While the wedding party is relaxing at the hotel,and getting ready for the refreshed for the reception, the wedding planner should head to the reception venue if it is a different location than the wedding venue, or if it’s the same location, make sure they are there to welcome the catering company if you have planned to do off site catering.  If you have on site or off site catering this is when they should start getting things set up.
4:00 PM This is the time where the florist should begin to put the centerpieces at each table, and add any necessary decoration to the venue.
4:30 PM The Wedding planner should start to layout various photographs throughout the venue.  Anything from engagement pictures, to pictures of each of the families, will add to the environment.  The wedding planner should make sure to set out the guestbook, and basket or box for envelope gifts to be placed in.  Be sure that wedding favors, and table numbers are able to be seen. There is nothing worse than explaining where a guest is supposed to sit, or having too many party favors left over because people didn’t see them.
5:00 PM At this time the DJ should return to the venue to make sure their equipment is still in good shape.  The photographer should have access to the venue to take pictures of the additional set up.  This would also be a good time to start getting the wedding cake set up.
5:30 PM Music should begin at the venue for cocktail hour.
5:45 PM The bride and groom, and family should arrive at the venue.  If you are planning on having a receiving line, this would be a good time to begin forming the line.
6:00 PM The wedding reception guests will begin arriving and will begin to go through the reception line. Hors d’oeuvres  and cocktails will be made available to the guests.  Once the guests have been through the line, the wedding party should line up to be announced.
6:45 PM The DJ will either introduce him/herself or whoever is going to emcee the evening.  From there, the emcee will introduce the bridal party to the guests.  Music is played while the party enters the main reception area.
6:50 PM Once the party is introduced, the bride and groom are introduced to the guests.
6:55 PM The Bride and Groom’s First Dance
7:00 PM The Father, Daughter Dance, and then the Mother, Son Dance follows.   dance
7:05 PM Many times, the wedding party will put on a fun skit set to music for the bride and groom.
7:20 PM Once the skit is complete, dinner will be served.
8:00 PM Towards the end of dinner, champagne is passed around to the guests, and the maid of honor, and best man will then give their toasts.
8:30 PM The cake cutting ceremony will then commence.
8:45 PM Cake and Dessert will then be served to the guests.
9:00 PM After the cake cutting the formalities of the night have ended, and the dancing can begin.
11:45 PM The dancing should be wrapping up at this point.
11:55 PM The guests line up in anticipation of the bride and groom’s departure.
12:00 AM The bride and groom depart the venue and head to the bridal suite.  From the there the guests can depart, and gifts can be packed and sent to the home of the bride’s parent’s.
12:10 PM The vendors and others will breakdown the decor and, the wedding planner will then pass out payment to the vendors.
1:00 AM Cleanup is completed, and all have left the venue.

Here at Windows on the Lake, we offer everything for your Indian Wedding needs.  We have on-site catering, and accept off site catering as well.  We have the perfect Long Island wedding venue to host not only the ceremony, but the reception as well.


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Indian Wedding Ceremony:

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Please feel free to refer to the link at the bottom of this post for more information:

Wedding Ceremony Timeline

Time Event
9:00 AM Hairdresser meets the bride at either her home or the hotel she’s staying at.  It would be a good idea for the wedding planner to meet up then as well.
9:30 AM The wedding planner shows up at the venue where the ceremony will take place.  They should meet up with the florist, DJ, and any other vendors that need to be there for an early set up.  Give them a basic rundown of the venue, and let them get to work.
9:45 AM The photographer should show up where the bride is getting ready to take pictures of the process.  At the same time, the groom and his side of the wedding party should start to get themselves ready.
10:00 AM At this time the wedding planner should do a once around the venue to make sure that all setup is going along as scheduled.
10:15 AM All the final touches should be done for the ceremony.  If there are programs, make sure they have been laid out on all the chairs, the guestbook is set up, the corsages and boutonnieres are finished and taken from the florist.  Then set up the memory table and have the statue of Ganesha set up.
10:30 AM By now all the set up should be completed for the ceremony.  This will give the photographer some time to take care of the venue where the ceremony will take place.  At this point the groom, his party, and his family should begin showing up.  If the bride is being picked up in a limo, the limo should be picking her her parents, and her party by now.  If not, then whomever is driving her should be at her hotel by now to get her.  While she is in route, the wedding planner should discuss with the ushers the seating arrangements and any other responsibilities they’ll be assigned.
10:45 AM The Pundit should be at the ceremony venue at this time.  The DJ or wedding planner should make sure that the microphone works properly.  Doing a soundcheck with the Pundit wouldn’t hurt. This would also be a good time to start playing some shehali music.  While that the DJ is getting the music playing, the wedding planner should get the pooja supplies at the mandap.  The flower girls should have their baskets all set up as well.  Hopefully the Bride, her parents and the party will be pulling into the ceremony venue.  Once they show up, they can go to their dressing rooms at the venue.  The marriage license should be given to the Pundit at this time as well.
11:00 AM The photographer will gather the Groom, his party, and his family for some pre ceremony photographs around the Long Island wedding venue.  While that is going on the DJ, Dhol player and Bhangra Dancers should be getting prepared for the Baraat.
11:05 AM The Baraat gets together at the entrance of the ceremony venue.  This is when the groom will mount the horse, the DJ begins the music, the Dancers begin to dance.
11:15 AM The Baraat procession will now begin and the family will now join in the celebration.
11:40 AM This is when Milnis will happen.  Here the mother of the bride will perform aarti on the groom.  This is also when the bride’s family will welcome grooms side.
11:55 AM The ushers will now guide the guests to their chairs.  The bride and groom are given a rundown of what’s next by the wedding planner. At this time the bride and groom’s wedding party start lining up.
12:00 PM The DJ starts playing processional music, and when the time is right, the wedding planner will signal to the DJ that the ceremony is ready to start.
12:02 PM First the bridesmaids walk down, escorted by the groomsmen, then the best man will escort the maid of honor.  Following them will be the ring bearer and flower girl.
12:04 PM Once the wedding party is in place, the DJ will change the processional music to the music the bride will walk down to.  Once that music changes, the audience rises to their feet, and the bride is escorted down the isle by her parents.
12:05 PM The Ceremony begins.
1:00 PM At this point, the wedding couple will sign the certificate of marriage.
1:10 PM Now the recessional takes place.
1:15 PM The DJ or wedding planner will announce that the guests can move to another part of the venue where there will be appetizers and such, while the wedding party and family will take pictures.
1:30 PM Wedding party takes post ceremony pictures.
2:30 PM Once pictures are finished up, the party will head back to the hotel to relax and get ready for the reception.
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