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Benefits of Bundling a Wedding Services Package

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Benefits of Bundling a Wedding Services Package

Do you know the benefits of an all-inclusive wedding services package?

Planning your wedding should be enjoyable- this is one of the biggest celebrations of your life! However, we don’t blame you for stressing out and trying to make sure everything is perfect. Did we mention that this is one of the biggest celebrations of your life?

What if we told you there is a way to achieve perfection while still being able to relax and enjoy preparing for your Long Island Wedding? Finding a wedding venue that offers a wedding coordinator and all-in-one wedding services packages can be the difference between having the time of your life and having no life during your planning process.

Bundling has tons of benefits. Other than the obvious peace of mind that a one-stop-shopping offers you, there are tons of other benefits you can receive from your Long Island venue wedding coordinator:

1. One contact.

One coordinator that will work with your needs and budget from the day you book your venue to your ride home from the reception. This person will keep you informed of your options, any changes and updates regarding your wedding services.

2. Volume pricing discounts.

Because event coordinators usually have a network of wedding services they work with frequently, they are able to get discounted prices. You wedding coordinator can offer you different all-in-one packages set at different price points and can customize packages based on your wedding budget.

3. One contract and one payment plan.

Forget about signing individual contracts. Your wedding coordinator will offer you one single contract to sign that encompasses all of your wedding services agreements. This also means one payment plan. With one easy-to-track payment plan you don’t have to worry about the numerous bills and makes keeping track of your finances simpler.

And the absolute best benefit of booking a Long Island Wedding venue that offers bundled wedding services and your own personal wedding coordinator? You actually get to have fun planning your wedding! So take it from us, if your venue offers a wedding coordinator and bundled services packages- use them! At the end of the day it’s not about the food or the music or the flowers, it’s about marrying your best friend.