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7 Questions to Help You Find The Perfect Long Island Wedding Venue

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7 Questions to Help You Find The Perfect Long Island Wedding Venue

Are you trying to find the perfect Long Island wedding venue but don’t know what questions to ask?

You are not alone. Many brides find wedding venue shopping to be very overwhelming. That why we’ve compiled a list of 7 key questions to help you sort through all of your venue options.

1. What kind of backdrop do I want at my venue?
Most brides have some sort of vision in mind when it comes to choosing a wedding venue. Whether it’s a waterfront view, a city skyline or an intimate, candlelit room, it’s important to establish what it is that best suits your wedding style.

2. Can the wedding venue accommodate my guest list?
It’s true: not everyone you invite will attend your big day. But even if you’re absolutely, positively sure that Aunt Edna in Alaska won’t be making the trip with all six of her kids, don’t make the mistake of booking a wedding venue that can’t handle 100% of your guest list.

3. What are my cocktail hour options?
If you’re thinking of doing a cocktail hour, see if the wedding venue has space to handle both an indoor and outdoor event. On a beautiful day, it’s lovely to sip your cocktail outside and admire the waterfront view; but if the weather turns, it’s important to have a backup location that’s warm and dry.

4. Can the wedding venue provide menu selections to accommodate my guests?
Putting together the perfect menu is tricky enough, but obliging guests with dietary restrictions adds a whole new element of difficulty. Will you need choices that are vegan, Kosher or gluten-free? Choose a wedding venue that has the ability to make the appropriate accommodations and you’ll have one less thing to stress over.

5. What extras are included in the venue price?
All the little things add up frighteningly fast when it comes to your wedding budget, so keep in mind that the right wedding venue may include extras, such as coat check, chair covers and valet service.

6. Can I have an onsite ceremony at the venue?
The beauty of having a ceremony and reception at the same wedding venue is that it streamlines the process – for both you and your guests. If an onsite ceremony appeals to you, choose a venue that has the capability to do so with style and ease.

7. Will my wedding be the main event for the day?
Your wedding day will be the most important one of your life, so make sure you choose a venue that is able to focus solely on your event. The last thing you want to be worried about is dodging golf balls as you walk down the aisle, or having to compete with the thumping bass from the other wedding reception down the hall. It’s your day; choose a wedding venue that will focus entirely on making it perfect.