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5 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Long Island Wedding Venue

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5 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Long Island Wedding Venue

5 Things to Consider
when choosing your perfect
Long Island 
Wedding Venue:

Wondering what makes a Long Island wedding venue perfect? We’ve created a list of the 5 most important factors to picking your wedding venue.

  1.     Location.

 Long Island is a beautiful place to have a wedding. From city, to waterfront,  to rustic wineries- there aren’t many setting Long Island doesn’t provide. But keep in mind, if your Long Island wedding venue isn’t local for all of your guests you will want to offer lodging. If lodging is off-site, ask your venue if they provide transportation for guests.

  1.      Size matters.

 It’s important to find a wedding venue that can accommodate the number of guests your invite or if you are having a small intimate affair- will provide you with the cozy atmosphere. You don’t want a party of 50-100 in a 400-person ballroom.

  1.    Food.

Choosing a menu that complements your wedding style is hard enough without having to worry about any cultural or religious dietary restrictions. Not to mention those one or two friends who are strictly vegan, Kosher or require gluten-free. Make sure that your Long Island wedding venue can make the appropriate accommodations so you don’t need to stress about it on the day of.

4.     Price.  

It’s important when you have a Long Island wedding budget that you ask your venue what is included in the venue price.  The little things add up very quickly and before you know it you will have a bill far larger than what you are prepared to spend.

5.     Your number one!

And you shouldn’t settle for anything less. So on the day of your affair you  may want to make sure that you are the main event at your Long Island wedding venue. There is nothing worse than trying to compete with the pounding bass from the wedding down the hall.