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Let Your Wedding Venue Save You Money

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Let Your Wedding Venue Save You Money

Picking the right wedding venue is the first step in saving.

Most brides have dreamed of their wedding day since they were little girls. Now that adulthood has set in, so has the reality of adapting that fantasy wedding to a budget version. Good news-  dressing in white doesn’t mean you have to spend all your green! Here are some tips to help you have that dream day without breaking the bank:

1. Choose a beautiful wedding venue.

Start with a truly lovely location, and you’ll find that your decorating budget can be reduced accordingly. A waterfront view or elegant reception hall are an ideal base from which to build.

2. Develop a great relationship with your coordinator.

Your wedding venue’s coordinator most likely has a lot more experience with wedding planning than you do, so take his/her advice to heart. Wedding coordinators often have a few little money-saving tricks up their sleeve; listen and learn.

3. Don’t splurge on the dress.

Choose a dress that you love, but be reasonable with your selection. Identify your maximum amount you want to spend on a dress, and then don’t even think about trying on anything that is priced above your set limit, not even just for fun!

4. Consider bundling event services.

Some wedding venues offer all-in-one event services, which means you get discounted rates. If your dream venue has this option available, take advantage of it; not only will your wallet thank you, but it will save you some stress as well.

5. Work closely with your caterers.

Develop a good rapport with your catering team and have them help plan a menu that won’t wreck your budget. There are lots of ways to shave food and beverage costs, so let them know your limitations and see what creative solutions they have to offer.